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Die cut handle bags are very strong, with a clean, practical design. They can be made of different materials. Their main characteristic is their simplified one-piece design. The die cut handle is structurally strong and optimises the use of materials. 

A wide range of material options gives users total freedom to design the bag they want. 

The materials available for this bag can be: compostable (in compliance with European regulation UNE EN 13432:2000), recycled (with a minimum 70% recycled material), or the classic materials traditionally used to make bags, polyethylene and PE coated paper. 


 Measurements widths lengths
 STANDARD mín. 15 cm

máx. 80 cm

mín. 25 cm

máx. 100 cm

*Cut-out: Distance from the top of the cut-out to the bag opening, 4 cm. 

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