Experience and food safety

El Carmen has been working with and for the food industry for decades. All our papers are approved by the Department of Health and have traceability labelling, a basic requirement for our clients.

Our experience in the sector has enabled us to design a specific paper for every need, creating a very complete range.

We offer a wide variety of materials (virgin paper, recycled, natural, etc), sizes, weights, etc. We also personalise the paper with your brand, using water-based inks to guarantee food safety. 

See the full range of food-safe paper and find the right one for your needs! 

Curious Papel Alimentario


Its novel design lets the product be seen, makes handling easier during the service, and offers personalisation options, all while maintaining food in optimal freshness. The ideal food safe paper for butchers and delicatessens.

Laypel Papel Alimentario


Our Laypel food paper combines two layers of different materials (paper and food-safe film) to create an effective barrier to oil and moisture. Especially designed for easy recycling, as the layers can be separated and each one recycled separately, reducing the ecological footprint.

Laypel BIO papeles reciclables El Carmen

The Recyclables

“The Recyclables” are 5 innovative food papers designed for traditional businesses: butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, etc., with the quality and durability they expect, and now 100% recyclable.

Papel alimentario parafinado

Waxed Papers

Classic waxed paper is coated on both sides with paraffin wax, making it the perfect wrapping to protect against grease and moisture. It is also highly resistant to heat-sealing and can be supplied in rolls or sheets. 

One face waxed

Lightweight, strong materials. The Hot Melt range is the result of our understanding of the needs of the agri-food sector: strong but lightweight materials. It uses high quality litho paper with a paraffin wax coating on one side. These papers are perfect for products like cold cuts thanks to their high performance as barriers to grease and moisture.


Special Papers

Some fresh foods require a highly technical, functional and convenient packaging. Thanks to our experience, we can offer a wide range of highly specialised food safe papers which guarantee suitable packaging for your needs.

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