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We have the widest range of packaging


This paper preserves all the properties of food: scent, flavours and freshness. Suitable for wrapping all types of food.

Thanks to the flexibility and memory of paper, it can be used for wrapping without the need for stickers. 

The Laypel range is especially designed for easy recycling, as the layers can be separated and each one recycled separately, reducing the ecological footprint. 


Measurement  width  length 

35 cm

25 cm

38 cm

27 cm

44 cm

50 cm

35 cm

54 cm

38 cm


Available in different weights:

40 gsm, 50 gsm, 60 gsm, 80 gsm, 90 gsm, 120 gsm and 140 gsm.

We design and make packaging to protect, preserve and promote your products.