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A wide range of packaging for taking fresh food home from the market easily and safely.

Choose the shape and size that best suits your product, making transport and weighing easier and improving presentation.

You can put any food in the bag with guaranteed total protection and hygiene thanks to the food-safe materials used to make it.

Bolsa sección compostable

Compostable tear-off bags

Compostable tear-off bags, ideal for buying by weight. Made of carefully selected materials to ensure greater strength and hygiene for transporting fresh food.

Bolsa papel plana fuelle El Carmen

Flat gusset

Paper bags especially indicated for products sold loose.

The wide range of designs and manufacturing options make it possible to cover many different needs.

Sacovitta resellable recerrable bolsa alimentación

Sacovitta Resealable

The perfect packaging for meat, cold cuts, cheese, etc. The adhesive closure lets you open and close the bag several times and stops the foods drying out, so they will always be protected. It can lengthen product shelf life by 3-8 days.

Saco americano

SOS bag

A paper bag without handles, designed to carry all sorts of products (fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.). A perfect, ecological option with an optimised design thanks to its reinforced rectangular base. Offers many personalisation options.

Bag handles recovered material

T-shirt Bag 70% recovered plastic

T-shirt Bags are a very hard-wearing, versatile, economical and functional option for use in everyday shopping.

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El Carmen ecological range

We design and make packaging to protect, preserve and promote your products.