Curious, useful packaging designed for the consumer

El Carmen has reinvented how we package fresh food and is focusing on the customer experience by adding a window to its traditional food paper Laypel®. This new design means the product is constantly visible, facilitating handling and customer service while safeguarding food preservation.


Innovation and simplicity meet to create a new food paper, patented by EL CARMEN, which has become a major ally in the rational use of packaging. Its unique design and central window keep the product visible throughout the lifespan of the packaging, avoiding unnecessary handling which could compromise the condition of the food. The new paper CURIOUS®, is designed for use in delicatessens and butcher’s shops, but also focuses on the end consumer, who will also find advantages to using it, at a glance!

The worldwide packaging industry is at a turning point. The environmental problems caused by the use of plastics and packaging in general demand solutions from the industry, which must find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

So El Carmen, a benchmark company in Spain’s food grade packaging industry, is focusing on the end customer, offering them practical, sustainable packaging which not only ensures the quality of the products, but also adds value and goes beyond the typical “throwaway” ethos.

Its classic food paper Laypel® has been updated with a new design adding a central window so that the contents can be seen at a glance. It is available in various sizes (27 x 38 cm) or cut (38 x 54 cm) and can be personalised with the client brand using water-based ink to ensure it is food-safe.

Curious® protects the product during transport, takes your brand into the customer’s home, and is a extremely useful for the end consumer: good presentation, better storage in the refrigerator (taking up less space than traditional packaging or plastic boxes) and being able to see inside the package at a glance

In accordance with EL CARMEN’s environmental policy and the requirements of a society which is increasingly concerned about the future, this paper can easily be recycled by separating the transparent HDPE film and recycling the various components in their respective containers.

The new paper range Curious®, was conceived by and for consumers, who will see it as something more than just a paper.