El Carmen renews the 2022 MORE certification and seal granted by ANAIP and EuPC.

MORE, which started in 2019, is a European platform launched by EuPC (European Plastics Converters) to monitor the use of recycled materials by plastic converters. In Spain it is coordinated by ANAIP.

The Spanish companies that are part of this project and who register the recycled materials used to manufacture our products annually have received this seal demonstrating our participation in the platform. More information on our participation and the platform can be seen here.

This seal, which includes a diploma issued by ANAIP and EuPC, certifies the company’s commitment to the Circular Economy. This seal acknowledges the efforts of plastic converting companies to reach the goal of the European strategy for plastics in using 10 million tons of recycled polymers each year starting 2025 and to give the converting industry visibility on what they are doing in terms of the use of recycled material.

Sello More 2021