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El Carmen ecological range


An original, attractive product with endless printing options to create very innovative finishes.

The perfect choice for your brand if you want to stand out from the competition with a different bag.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used with all types of product, adding value and enhancing the establishment’s image: fashion, accessories, jewellery, food, etc. 

It speeds up check-out times because it is very simple to use, and takes up little space for easy storage. 


Unbleached Kraft or bleached Kraft paper.

Made with water-resistant varnish and anti-cut edges.



 width (a)
length (b)
 high (c)
type/weight  type/weight 
 31 cm  12 cm  25 cm Bleached Kraft 70gsm  Unbleached Kraft 70gsm
 45 cm  14 cm  35 cm Bleached Kraft 80gsm Unbleached Kraft 80gsm
 58 cm  16 cm  45 cm Bleached Kraft 90gsm Unbleached Kraft 90gsm

*Contact us to talk about other sizes.


Option of a finish with self-adhesive closure and coloured handle, among others. 

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