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Sacovitta - the perfect packaging for preserving fresh produce. It protects the flavour and properties of the food so that it remains in optimum condition for longer compared to traditional packaging.

Guía práctica Sacovitta

Acaba con el desperdicio alimentario de una forma higiénica y sostenible.

Guía práctica Bolsas de papel

Guía práctica para que tus productos y complementos luzcan en tu tienda de ropa.

Sacovitta vacío
Vacuum Sacovitta
The new way to vacuum pack food while protecting its flavour! Sacovitta helps keep everything fresh until it reaches the fridge. This vacuum bag is ideal for storing fatty or slightly moist foods. It combines the advantages of vacuum storage with those of the Re-sealable Sacovitta.
Sacovitta varios usos
Multi-use Sacovitta
The bag for your butcher’s shop with an adhesive that allows you to open and close it several times, preventing dryness and protecting the flavour of all the products inside. This Sacovitta is perfect for all types of fresh products: meat, sausages, cheese, fruit, pastries, etc.
Sacovitta un uso
Single-use Sacovitta
This bag preserves all the freshness and properties of your food until it reaches the fridge. It is perfect for your fishmonger’s shop and protects the flavour of products. The Sacovitta single-use bag is the solution you are looking for to pack foods that need to be preserved, such as fish, seafood, fresh cheese, etc. Preventing products from leaking.

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Nuestra experiencia y profesionalidad basada en años de actividad en la fabricación y suministro de bolsas y papeles para alimentación, comercio e industria, avalan nuestra apuesta por la calidad y compromiso de mejora e innovación.

Infografía Sacovitta

7 soluciones para que tus productos y complementos luzcan en tu tienda de ropa

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