A new bag for food packaging

Sacovitta paper bags combine high quality materials with an innovative adhesive closure which protects fresh food until consumption.

Professionals will find an unbeatable presentation for their products, while consumers can reduce the unnecessary use of other packaging.

Advantages for the consumer

Advantages for the shop / supermarket

Sacovitta Range

Whatever your business: delicatessens, butchers, fishmongers, bakeries... you can use our Sacovittas to wrap your fresh food. We offer three types - choose the one that best suits your needs:

Sacovitta resellable recerrable bolsa alimentación

Sacovitta Resealable

The perfect packaging for meat, cold cuts, cheese, etc. The adhesive closure lets you open and close the bag several times and stops the foods drying out, so they will always be protected. It can lengthen product shelf life by 3-8 days.

Sacovitta pescaderia estanca bolsa alimentación

Sacovitta Fish

The single-use Sacovitta fishmonger bag is suitable for wrapping fresh foods with a high water content, such as fish, seafood, soft cheeses, etc. The reinforced adhesive provides a strong closure which avoids leaks and makes the products easy to take home.

Sacovitta al vacío bolsa alimentación reutilizame

Sacovitta vacuum

It works like a traditional vacuum packing system. It keeps food fresh for longer, with an appetising flavour and texture and conserving its nutritional value.

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