As part of its commitment to leading the change to sustainability in the flexible packaging industry, El Carmen Packaging Solutions has created an innovative range of 100% recyclable food-safe papers.

“The Recyclables” are 5 innovative food papers designed for traditional businesses: butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, etc., with the quality and durability they expect, and now 100% recyclable.

The sustainable future is here, are you with us ?

Laypel Bio

100% ecological packaging. Biodegradable paper designed for wrapping all kinds of food: cheeses, cold cuts, meat, etc. Made of innovative materials, it preserves all the properties of the products, always while respecting the environment.

Curious Bio

Eco version of our most “curious” paper. Keeping the window which shows the wrapped product, we have made the wrapping sustainable with a fully compostable food-safe film

Sulfipal Bio

A FULLY COMPOSTABLE HARD-WEARING MOISTURE BARRIER. The wax used to make the paper greaseproof is plant-based, making the paper 100% COMPOSTABLE. Perfect for serving fatty or greasy products.

Menpal Bio

GREASEPROOF AND MOISTURE-PROOF. Perfect for deli meats and cheeses. BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE. Produced from natural materials which break down over time and become fertiliser if composted.



Food paper with a special waterproofing treatment which makes it the perfect packaging for fish and seafood

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