Sustainable packaging for protection, transport and brand image 

We can help your company find the best packaging solution for your needs. Thanks to the quality of our raw materials and our manufacturing processes, your products will go from supermarket to home in perfect condition. 

We can advise you on the most effective way to print your bag to enhance your brand values. 

Bolsa salida caja camiseta compostable

Compostable T-shirt bag

Perfect for any retail establishment and for daily shopping. NO environmental impact. Food-safe.

Flat handle bag

100% recyclable paper bag. Its design and versatility mean you can transport a wide variety of products to suit any need. Available in brown or white paper.



Bag available in non-woven material and in raffia. It is available in any PANTONE colour, with the option of 6-colour lamination printing.

Handle options: long, short or heat-sealed.

Saco americano

SOS bag

A paper bag without handles, designed to carry all sorts of products (fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.). A perfect, ecological option with an optimised design thanks to its reinforced rectangular base. Offers many personalisation options.

Twisted Handle paper Bag

100% recyclable paper bags, convenient and easy to transport. A versatile bag with many personalisation options, in high quality material, and easy to fold.

FSC Mix twisted handle paper carrier bag

FSC® Mix (FSC-C134171) twisted handle paper bag

Twisted handle paper carrier bag. Perfect for shops for their convenience and quality. What’s more it is a product that is committed to the environment thanks to its FSC® Mix environmental mark. There are a whole host of customisation options so you can adapt the bags perfectly to your needs. Enter and order them here.

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