Our commitment

Concern for our surroundings and caring for the environment are reflected in our commitment and responsibility throughout the value chain, from the moment we receive the raw material, to the end of the product's lifespan. For this reason we have created an entire line of environmentally friendly products: Green Line.

Environmental performance

Here at El Carmen Packaging Solutions, we understand that we only have one planet, and we must be part of the change. That’s why we place great emphasis on the circular economy.
This is demonstrated in each of our three plants.


We reuse our solvents in this plant, converting potentially hazardous waste from our flexographic printing process (used solvents from print orders) into clean distilled solvent for cleaning.

Annually, around half of the solvents we use at El Carmen Packaging Solutions have been recovered using our internal distillation process, reducing our consumption of fresh solvents by 45-50%.

Here are our figures:

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total litres 314.666 301.175 277.432 281.445 298.351
New litres consumed 174.816 159.275 139.273 143.263 160.675
%Reused litres 44% 47% 50% 49% 46%


This is another example where we use internal waste as a raw material. Excess and waste polyethylene are used in the production of our bin liners and our 70% recycled bags.

Here are details of the approximate amount of recycled material we reuse

2019: 660 t / 2020: 565 t / 2021: 816 t

Alzuza y Huarte

Since 2019, we have been recycling 20% more paper and cardboard rather than sending it for energy recovery at both of these plants.

The following figures show that the % sent for recycling every year is on a positive path:

2019 2020 2021
Total paper and cardboard waste (t) 688,26 687,83 719,34
Recycling 39% 45% 59%
Energy recovery 61% 55% 41%

Want to know more?

Our range of sustainable products includes:

  • Bio packaging
  • FSC/PEFC products
  • 70% recycled bags

The sustainable packaging produced (in kg) since 2018 is as follows:


Biodegradable and Compostable Solutions

We’re leading the change, are you with us?

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