The smart way to keep food fresh

Vacuum packing is one of the best food preservation systems in existence. El Carmen offers a wide range to meet all types of requirements, from protecting foods during transport to ensuring optimum freshness.

Our design, manufacturing and personalisation options mean we can provide whatever our clients require.

Triplex paper laminated vacuum bag

Triplex - Paper laminated vacuum bag

The most sustainable and gourmet vacuum bag for the best food preservation. A bag made of barrier materials and laminated to manila paper offering greater rigidity with no use of plastic materials. 

Bolsa vacío alimentación COEX

Coex vacuum bag

Vacuum bags made of high quality, high transparency polymers, guaranteeing the conservation of foods and meeting any professional need perfectly.

Bolsa vacío laminada alimentación El Carmen

Laminated vacuum bag

The bag is made of two layers of different polymers stuck together, making it possible to print between the layers.

Bolsa vacío alimentaria gofrado

Embossed vacuum bag

High quality bags for use in domestic food packaging with vacuum sealers. 

Bolsa vacío COEX BÁSIC alimentación

Coex basic vacuum bag

Vacuum bags in high-transparency polymers, guaranteeing perfect conservation of foods.

Bolsa vacío retráctil alimentación El Carmen

Shrinkable vacuum bag

Bags made of a film which sticks to the product perfectly, ensuring total transparency and great mechanical puncture resistance.

Bolsa vacío cocción alimentación

Vacuum cooking bag

Hermetically sealed bags for cooking foods in their own juices, conserving all the flavours and nutrients.

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