Convenient, practical and elegant

We know how important it is to have the right packaging to give your products the finishing touch. So we offer a wide range of high quality, well-designed envelopes for gifts and online sales, in various hard-wearing materials. 

Available in different sizes, materials and formats. There are innumerable personalisation options to enhance your brand. 

They are practical and efficient, as a single envelope can be used for different sizes of product. Save on unnecessary packaging and send your items in a single envelope. 

Paper gift envelopes

Envelopes for establishments looking to use sustainable materials, project an environmentally friendly image, and give their products an elegant presentation.

Gift envelopes in other materials

Hard-wearing envelopes designed to transport a wide variety of products with heightened protection and security during delivery.

Paper ecommerce envelopes

Envelopes suitable for sending products securely and ecologically.

Ecommerce envelopes in other materials

High quality envelopes for sending your products securely. They are hard-wearing and offer ample personalisation options.

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