Doypack is a packaging with flat side gussets and a curved bottom gusset. Its design makes it ideal for vertical display on shop shelves. This bag is also known as a “Stand up” or “Pouch”.

Do you want to display your product from all angles?
The oval base of the Doypack facilitates its display in the establishment and enables free service sales. What's more, its materials and high quality printing give this packaging a modern, contemporary style which is ideal for showcasing a wide range of products.

It saves on storage space, above all in transport as the weight and volume of the packaging is reduced. This means that the Doypack pouch saves storage space both in the business and in transportation.

El pedido mínimo es de 15000 unidades.

Width(cm) Lenght(cm)
Min 11,25 Min 16
Max 15 Max 41

For other measurements, request more information

More specifications

It is able to adapt to a wide range of products from different industries, providing a convenient, practical and efficient packaging solution.
It acts as an excellent barrier against moisture, light and oxygen, which helps maintain the freshness and quality of the packaged product for longer. This is especially important for food and products sensitive to deterioration.
Doypack is designed to allow the contents to be completely emptied, which significantly reduces product waste. Additionally, most Doypacks include a zip to open and close the package as many times as you need, while still keeping the properties of the food intact.

Designed for

Comida precocinada, Especias, Productos a granel, Proteína en polvo, Snacks


Doypack packaging can be produced in a variety of ways. The bag is composed of 2 complex films heat-sealed at the ends. The most in-demand, exclusive bags are the laminated paper ones, as they offer unique value.

Possible certifications and specifications

Contacto alimentario


At El Carmen Packaging Solutions, it is possible to customise your Doypack. In fact, using our customiser, you can create a mock-up of how you want your Doypack packaging to look, with the design of your choice, which can be anything from your brand logo to a 100% customised design.

It also has a large surface for printing or labelling. The print can be exterior or interlayer laminated and it can be done at 100% in 8 inks.

To store products inside the packaging, it is recommended to keep the original packaging at a temperature of between 15-35º.

This Doypack packaging is not recommended for use at deep freeze temperatures, or for conventional ovens or microwave ovens. It can not withstand temperatures of over 100º, or sterilisation.


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Esto quiere decir que se realiza entre ambas láminas del complejo, lo que le confiere su ventaja competitiva y es que, esta impresión, queda protegida de cualquier agente externo.

Sí, existiría esta posibilidad. Para ello, habría que hacer una consulta específica al comercial y se explicarían todas las opciones.

No, no es apto para utilizar ni en hornos convencionales, ni en hornos microondas. No soporta temperaturas superiores a 100º.

Con lo que respecta al uso como bolsa de vacío, no se trata de una bolsa de estas características pero es verdad que el envase Doypack es ideal para alargar la conservación de los productos de su interior.

No, las medidas que ofrecemos son el total de la bolsa, incluyendo las soldaduras de sus laterales.

Sí, existe esta posibilidad de tener este envase con Zip. Para ello, puedes solicitar información con esta posibilidad.

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