Wide range of paper bags

Essential for any business looking to differentiate itself without sacrificing convenience, functionality and strength. You can find bags without handles designed for supermarkets, bakeries and cake shops; kraft paper bags with flat or twisted handles if you prefer a more artisanal look; or boat-shaped bags, ideal for textile businesses wanting to stand out for their originality.

Design your own bag, choosing shapes, sizes, colours, designs, etc. Let your imagination run wild, and we’ll make it a reality!

FSC Mix twisted handle paper carrier bag

FSC® Mix (FSC-C134171) twisted handle paper bag

Twisted handle paper carrier bag. Perfect for shops for their convenience and quality. What’s more it is a product that is committed to the environment thanks to its FSC® Mix environmental mark. There are a whole host of customisation options so you can adapt the bags perfectly to your needs. Enter and order them here.

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Flat handle bag

100% recyclable paper bag. Its design and versatility mean you can transport a wide variety of products to suit any need. Available in brown or white paper.

Boat-Shaped Paper Bag

Reusable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable bag. Perfect for any type of product. The most original option to differentiate you from the competition.

Saco americano

SOS bag

A paper bag without handles, designed to carry all sorts of products (fruit, vegetables, bread, etc.). A perfect, ecological option with an optimised design thanks to its reinforced rectangular base. Offers many personalisation options.

Paper bag XL

An extra-large, high capacity paper bag, ideal for carrying bulky products

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Flat gusset

Paper bags especially indicated for products sold loose.

The wide range of designs and manufacturing options make it possible to cover many different needs.

Twisted Handle paper Bag

100% recyclable paper bags, convenient and easy to transport. A versatile bag with many personalisation options, in high quality material, and easy to fold.

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