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Paper Bags

A must for any type of business that seeks to stand out from the rest without compromising on comfort, functionality and resistance. Different types of bags that adapt to any use within a business, with the option of customising them with your brand or design.

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Acaba con el desperdicio alimentario de una forma higiénica y sostenible.

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Guía práctica para que tus productos y complementos luzcan en tu tienda de ropa.

Paper Bags
Bolsa papel barco
Boat-shaped paper bag
The most original paper bag for a unique business. This is a reusable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable bag. A practical and ecological option - perfect for helping to care for the environment.
Bolsa papel asa rizada
Curly handle paper bag
Our curly handle paper bags are 100% recyclable and customisable. There are different sizes and materials (kraft or cellulose) to choose from, and an option to buy them with or without FSC® Mix certificates (FSC-C134171).
Bolsa papel asa plana
Flat handle paper bag
This bag is sustainable and stands out due to its design and versatility, which makes it very adaptable to the different needs of your business. It also has a large storage capacity thanks to its easy folding.
Bolsa plana fuelle
Flat paper bag with gusset
Kraft or cellulose paper bag with side gussets and without a bottom gusset. Due to this design, they are especially suitable for bulk products. The material with which they are made stands out due to its resistance, which makes them versatile in terms of their uses and also guarantees the safety of their contents during transport.
Saco americano
SOS paper bag
Handleless paper bag with a large capacity due to its optimised square base design. It is designed to carry a wide variety of products, although it is best known as the typical bag for carrying a few loaves of bread.

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Nuestra experiencia y profesionalidad basada en años de actividad en la fabricación y suministro de bolsas y papeles para alimentación, comercio e industria, avalan nuestra apuesta por la calidad y compromiso de mejora e innovación.

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7 soluciones para que tus productos y complementos luzcan en tu tienda de ropa

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