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Vacuum bags

Vacuums are the most intelligent form of preservation. They fulfil several functions at the same time, protecting food during transport, as well as guaranteeing maximum food protection. And at El Carmen Packaging Solutions, we have a wide range that covers all kinds of needs. Our options for design, manufacture and customisation allow us to adapt to whatever our customers’ needs may be.

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Acaba con el desperdicio alimentario de una forma higiénica y sostenible.

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Vacuum bags
Sacovitta vacío
Vacuum Sacovitta
The new way to vacuum pack food while protecting its flavour! Sacovitta helps keep everything fresh until it reaches the fridge. This vacuum bag is ideal for storing fatty or slightly moist foods. It combines the advantages of vacuum storage with those of the Re-sealable Sacovitta.
Bolsa vacío COEX
COEX vacuum bags
Vacuum bags made of high quality and transparent polymers that guarantee food preservation and perfectly meet any need. The most economical range is COEX-BASIC, which offers versatile and efficient packaging. Both manufacturing processes involve coextrusion.
Embossed vacuum bags
These are high quality vacuum bags for domestic packaging of foodstuffs using vacuum technology. The bag design ensures uniform packaging of the product with any type of packaging machine.
Bolsa vacío laminada
Laminated vacuum bags
These vacuum bags are made of two layers of different polymers glued together, which allows for interlaminate printing. The materials are of great quality and have a high barrier, which allows the product's properties to remain intact.
Bolsa de vacío cocción
Vacuum cooking bags
The secret of low-temperature cooking or “sous vide”. Hermetic cooking bags for cooking food in its juice, preserving all the flavour, nutrients and organoleptic characteristics of the food they contain. Vacuum cooking bags have a double function: they vacuum pack food for storage and offer the possibility of cooking the contents in the same bag.
Bolsa de vacío retráctil
Vacuum shrink bags
The vacuum bags that best present and adhere to the product inside. They are made of a film which, after heat treatment, adheres perfectly to the product, guaranteeing total transparency and high mechanical resistance to punctures. The bag has high barrier properties to oxygen, water vapour and UV rays.

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7 soluciones para que tus productos y complementos luzcan en tu tienda de ropa

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