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Food paper

At El Carmen Packaging Solutions, we have been working in and for the food sector for decades. This extensive experience has allowed us to design a specific paper for each need, achieving a very complete range. This wide range comprises a large variety of substrates (virgin, recycled, natural, etc.), sizes, weights, etc. We also personalise the products, which is one of our strong points in this sector.

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Food paper
This is a 100% plastic-free food paper designed with a special anti-moisture treatment that provides a very resistant barrier. Our Acuapal paper preserves the freshness and taste of the products without forgetting the environment.
Curious and Curious BIO
Curious, the only food paper on the market designed to enhance your and your customer's experience thanks to its central window. Its innovative design allows product visibility, facilitates handling during service and offers customisation possibilities, all while maintaining optimal food preservation.
Cono papel antigrasa
Greaseproof paper cones
Our greaseproof paper cones are made of a highly resistant paper suitable for direct contact with very fatty foods. Both the resistant material and the design of the cones make them easy to use in fast food service - they are quick and practical to use, and convenient and clean during use.
Hot Melt
The Hot Melt range is the result of our knowledge of the needs of the food industry: lightweight, highly resistant substrates. They have a high quality litho backing and a paraffin treatment on one side. Due to the composition, manufacture and treatments of these papers, they offer high resistance to grease and moisture. This barrier to grease and humidity is due to a vegetable paraffin treatment on one side.
Laypel and Laypel BIO
Our Laypel food paper combines two sheets of different substrates (paper and food film) to create a high barrier against grease and moisture, as well as being a paper that aims to reduce its ecological footprint. This paper preserves all the properties of the products: aromas, flavours and freshness and, of course, it is suitable for packaging all types of food.
Papel parafinado
Paraffin paper
Classic paraffin paper is paraffin-treated on both sides, which makes it a perfect packaging barrier against grease and moisture. The moisture barrier of this food-grade paper is highly resistant, so it not only has a great preservation capacity for food, but it is also very resistant to heat sealing.
Papeles especiales
Special paper
Certain foods require packaging with more technical characteristics due to their specifications. These types of products could include: fresh products, fatty or moist foods, such as fish, seafood, etc.

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Calidad e innovación

Nuestra experiencia y profesionalidad basada en años de actividad en la fabricación y suministro de bolsas y papeles para alimentación, comercio e industria, avalan nuestra apuesta por la calidad y compromiso de mejora e innovación.

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7 soluciones para que tus productos y complementos luzcan en tu tienda de ropa

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