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Hermetically sealed bags for cooking foods in their own juices, conserving all the flavours and nutrients. The low-temperature or “sous-vide” cooking system maintains the integrity of foods by heating them slowly over long periods at relatively low temperatures, using special bags submerged in simmering water.



Width (mm) Length (mm) Units/box
150 200 1000
185 250 1000
200 300 500
250 350 500
300 400 500
350 600 500

The bags can be made in different sizes


  • Film with a complex structure formed by co-extruding 11 layers of high performance polymers.
    Their 11-layer structure means the bags can be used in sterilisation processes.
  • Weight options: 85 grs./m2
  • Gauge: 170

Conditions of use

  • Not suitable for use in domestic vacuum sealers.
  • Suitable for sterilisation (up to 121°C/ 2 hours).
  • Not suitable for applications under 0°C.
  • Suitable for Gamma radiation < 25 kGy, EO sterilisation.
  • Non corona treated material.
  • Respect technical indications for heat treatment.
  • Transport and storage at ambient temperature (5-25C) and in normal environment conditions (in a dry place out of direct sunlight).

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