This is a 100% plastic-free food paper designed with a special anti-moisture treatment that provides a very resistant barrier. Our Acuapal paper preserves the freshness and taste of the products without forgetting the environment.
Bolsa papel barco
Boat-shaped paper bag
The most original paper bag for a unique business. This is a reusable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable bag. A practical and ecological option - perfect for helping to care for the environment.
Bolsa vacío COEX
COEX vacuum bags
Vacuum bags made of high quality and transparent polymers that guarantee food preservation and perfectly meet any need. The most economical range is COEX-BASIC, which offers versatile and efficient packaging. Both manufacturing processes involve coextrusion.
curious y curious bio
Curious and Curious BIO
Curious, the only food paper on the market designed to enhance your and your customer's experience thanks to its central window. Its innovative design allows product visibility, facilitates handling during service and offers customisation possibilities, all while maintaining optimal food preservation.
Bolsa papel asa rizada
Curly handle paper bag
Our curly handle paper bags are 100% recyclable and customisable. There are different sizes and materials (kraft or cellulose) to choose from, and an option to buy them with or without FSC® Mix certificates (FSC-C134171).
Embossed vacuum bags
These are high quality vacuum bags for domestic packaging of foodstuffs using vacuum technology. The bag design ensures uniform packaging of the product with any type of packaging machine.
Sobres para envolver y enviar tus productos, disponibles en varios tamaños, materiales y formatos. Perfectos tanto para envolver regalos, como para envios online. Personalizables, reutilizables y funcionales.
Bolsa papel asa plana
Flat handle paper bag
This bag is sustainable and stands out due to its design and versatility, which makes it very adaptable to the different needs of your business. It also has a large storage capacity thanks to its easy folding.
Bolsa plana fuelle
Flat paper bag with gusset
Kraft or cellulose paper bag with side gussets and without a bottom gusset. Due to this design, they are especially suitable for bulk products. The material with which they are made stands out due to its resistance, which makes them versatile in terms of their uses and also guarantees the safety of their contents during transport.
Cono papel antigrasa
Greaseproof paper cones
Our greaseproof paper cones are made of a highly resistant paper suitable for direct contact with very fatty foods. Both the resistant material and the design of the cones make them easy to use in fast food service - they are quick and practical to use, and convenient and clean during use.
Láminas dispensadoras
Handling sheets
Hot Melt
The Hot Melt range is the result of our knowledge of the needs of the food industry: lightweight, highly resistant substrates. They have a high quality litho backing and a paraffin treatment on one side. Due to the composition, manufacture and treatments of these papers, they offer high resistance to grease and moisture. This barrier to grease and humidity is due to a vegetable paraffin treatment on one side.
Soluciones industriales
Industrial solutions
Bolsa vacío laminada
Laminated vacuum bags
These vacuum bags are made of two layers of different polymers glued together, which allows for interlaminate printing. The materials are of great quality and have a high barrier, which allows the product's properties to remain intact.
Laypel and Laypel BIO
Our Laypel food paper combines two sheets of different substrates (paper and food film) to create a high barrier against grease and moisture, as well as being a paper that aims to reduce its ecological footprint. This paper preserves all the properties of the products: aromas, flavours and freshness and, of course, it is suitable for packaging all types of food.

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